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How To Find The Best Quality CBD Tinctures & Ointments!

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Is the best CBD tincture just a marketing ploy? It can be if you don’t know what to look for.

CBD tinctures, oils, cremes, and ointments have become insanely popular and unfortunately as a result many charlatans have jumped into the market selling what amounts to CBD snake oil.

It’s a bummer because when produced properly, CBD really does work to relieve and cure a wide range of ailments ranging from pain to mood and issues with anxiety and sleep.

Both CBD tincture and CBD oils are alike in most respects, except for the concentration levels of each. Both CBD oils and CBD tinctures contain almost the same ingredients and packaging.

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Each retail store its contents in clear glass jars, which helps maintain freshness and keep out light.

And both utilize the sublingual technique which means consumers simply ingest it orally through their mouths without chewing.

However, some people prefer to take CBD oil because they like its taste. Some people who are used to taking medical prescription drugs (Rx) find it hard to switch to a more natural way of taking them.

Best CBD TinctureOthers simply don’t want to go through the trouble of getting their prescriptions refilled, as CBD tincture takes less than an hour to deliver its therapeutic benefits.

This is why many people choose CBD over prescription pharmaceuticals, even though they may have to pay a bit more for it. For these reasons, a lot of people are choosing CBD over prescription drugs.

Aside from the different ingredients, there are also various ways to take CBD tincture. In addition to being able to take it in its liquid form, it can also be taken in capsule or tablet forms.

People can choose between taking the tincture drops, taking the capsule or tablet form, or consuming the oil in its most highly concentrated herbal form, which is called CBD oil.

Methods Users Use in order to Take CBD

In this article, we will discuss a few methods users use in order to take CBD. These are discussed below:

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The easiest way to take CBD is through inhalation. Several drops of CBD tincture can be mixed in enough oil and inhaled.

To do this, simply add one single drop of CBD to enough oil to produce about 20 milliliters of oil.

It is best to mix the drops according to the container’s instructions, then allow them to steep for about five minutes before pressing it into the mouth.

This makes it easier for the oils to enter the bloodstream. Since homemade CBD tincture is mostly made from natural herbs, this method is safe.

Another way to ingest CBD is by using it on the skin. There are many homemade cannabidiol products that are popular.

Best CBD TinctureYou can purchase CBD oil and make your own topical cream. A few drops of cannabidiol oil will normally coat the fingertips and a little more on the palms of your hands.

If you want a more potent topical treatment, you can try making your own CBD oil capsules, drops or tincture.

When you buy CBD tincture, it is important to choose an effective dosage. If you have just started using cannabis, you should consult your doctor so that he can help you determine the correct dose for your body.

Most experts recommend patients take about three milligrams per day of CBD oil. However, this should be divided into three doses.

If you experience severe side effects, you should contact your doctor immediately. You may need to increase the dosage in a few days until the side effects subside.


Since CBD tincture is obtained through concentrated herbal extracts, it should be diluted before consumption.

Since it is still a complex compound, the absorption rate may vary from one person to another.

However, most studies indicate that about 30 percent of CBD is absorbed through inhalation, skin absorption and direct ingestion.

The exact percentage of absorbed CBD is determined by the amount of marijuana used in the tincture.

Since CBD is primarily a medicinal plant compound, it is not expected to have a major impact on people who are not affected by serious health conditions.

However, if you suffer from seizures, anxiety disorders or other ailments, you should consider using the CBD topical tincture.

Some research indicates that topical CBD has a relaxing effect on the brain, and the substance may also have an anti-aging effect.

However, if you are pregnant, nursing or taking other prescription medications, you should consult with your doctor before taking a topical application.

Written by Jane Marie

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