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CO2 CBD Extraction

carbon dioxide cbd extraction

Introduction CO2 CBD Extraction

CO2 CPV (combined oxygen demand) method is one of the best depending upon the end purpose. This method is further subdivided into three categories; sub-critical, supercritical, and mid-pressure.

Sub-critical is the purest form of CO2 extraction where pure but condensed CO2 gas is being used. Supercritical or super high pressure is almost the same as of ordinary compressed air.

Mid-pressure extraction happens when the pressure is increased at the beginning stage and gradually decreases on increasing stages.

The other two categories, supercritical co2, and supercritical super are used to extract gases from petroleum solids like gasoline and diesel.

In this process, the process is not going to change the carbon dioxide content at all. Supercritical extraction will give the purest form of CO2 and also yield the best-compressed air. High pressure can be achieved in this type of extraction.

The purest form of CO2 CBD Extraction

Hemp and terpenes are considered the purest form of CO2 solvent available. These are being made from hemp plants, seeds, oil pressed from the seeds and extracted through a special process.

Hemp and terpenes are being called the world’s purest oil. In this method, the steam is taken from the hemp plants in their immature green, plant stage. In the next step, it is being dried and converted into a solvent.

Supercritical Steam Distillation

Another process that is going to be considered is supercritical steam distillation. This is another process where the steam is taken from the plant material being used.

CO2 CBD Extraction In this process, the steam is considered as the most important ingredient. The solvents will then be removed from the superheated steam.

During the distillation, co2 extraction will then take place. It removes the remaining amount of co2 in the solvent.

A supercritical co2 extraction is considered as one of the more effective methods for the removal of co2 in an instant. It takes a longer time to extract the other co2 gases. But it gives the purest form of co2.

Another advantage of this extraction method is that it gives the safest form of it that is available. It does not make any other toxic by-products during the process and the hemp plant material does not get damaged.

Olive Oil Extraction Process

The olive oil extraction process is also another method that is used. This is extracted through a number of different methods.

The first step is that, the olive oil must be filtered and then, the super-fine particles are extracted. This is done by the use of super-fine mesh wire that will separate the oil particles from the crude oil.

The steam distillation process is a popular way to remove co2 from olive oil. In this method, the steam is forced into the co2 extraction liquid in order to condense the steam.

After that, the collected droplets are then distilled using ultra-violet radiation. In order to keep the quality of the crude oil consistent, the extraction process is stopped immediately when the liquid reaches a temperature below about 160 degrees Celsius.

Ethanol Extraction Methods

CO2 CBD ExtractionEthanol extraction methods include two major methods, gasification and solvent extraction. The first method is usually considered as the more efficient of the two because of its ability to produce large quantities of ethanol.

This is due to the fact that the process produces lesser amounts of byproducts that can contribute to the greenhouse effect.

On the other hand, the second method of ethanol extraction requires lesser amounts of energy and water compared to its gasifying counterpart.

This is primarily due to the fact that the process of solvent extraction requires the use of pure water or ethanol.

Solvents used in CO2 CBD Extraction

The solvents used in the process of supercritical co2 extraction include hexane and methanol. The most commonly used methanol in the industry is humane because it produces a lower amount of byproducts.

However, methanol is not suitable for use in applications where the temperature is high because it produces toxic byproducts upon contact with metals like steel.

To solve this problem, some industrial hemp producers have started to convert their biomass into monomer via the process of supercritical co2 extraction.


In order to give your end-product the best quality, it is advisable to hire a certified pharmaceutical grade (PLGA) solvent extraction method.

In this process, the pharmaceutical grade alcohol is placed in a pre-determined vessel and the temperature is increased until the purest and most concentrated phase of the hemp biomass is reached.

When the temperature is achieved, the solution is further heated and chilled to achieve a temperature that is safe for solvent extraction. In short, this means that the temperature of the final product is critical in determining the quality of the end-product.

Some companies even use a combination of heating and chilling methods in order to maximize the purity of the product.

Steam distillation is the common extraction method that companies use to produce CBD oil. In comparison to co2 extraction, steam distillation does not use any solvents.

In this process, steam is added to the oils before they are exposed to the air. Once the steam comes into contact with the oils, the fatty acids are separated out and converted into the final product. Depending on the type of CBD oil and the method used, the final product will vary.

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co2 extracted hemp oil

CO2 Extracted CBD Oil