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How Is CBD Derived? What is CO2 extracted CBD oil? Is CO2 extraction CBD oil safe? Can you get hurt using a CO2 extractor? These are good questions that should be asked before investing in any product.

Co2 CBD oil extraction is probably one of the safest methods of extracting CBD oils and compounds from Hemp plants.

To extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant material, one must first purchase a CO2 Extraction Machine. These extraction systems range from small tabletop models to extremely large machines designed for mass production of CBD oil.

Introduction To CO2 Extracted CBD Oil

Before looking into what is CBD oil carbon dioxide extraction it is important to understand what happens in a supercritical or subcritical furnace. See our top rated CBD Oil Extracts Here

CO2 Extracted CBD OilIn a supercritical furnace, all the steam produced in the burning of fuel is recycled or “recycled.” This type of environment is very rare, as most fuel combustion requires a secondary cooling system such as a dryer, an evaporator, or a condenser.

A subcritical furnace is one that uses a liquid carbon dioxide extract to generate steam and then uses that steam to heat up a material that is under pressure. An example of this would be hemp seed to produce hemp fuel.

An example of this is turning hemp into starch, which is the main ingredient in making flour from corn. In these cases, the supercritical nature of the extract being used does not affect the final product greatly.

However, some materials will always benefit from a secondary cooling system to minimize possible overheating.

Once an extract is produced, it must be removed from the supercritical bath.

Methods of CBD Extraction

There are several methods of extraction. The most common method, and the one most used in the United States, is through a pressurized carbon dioxide fire.

In a pressurized chamber, a venting system will open a path for the exhaust to escape. As the carbon dioxide gas is burned in the chamber, it will produce a gaseous mixture, which is then released into the extractor.

The extractor is essentially a vacuum chamber, where the solvent is extracted from the plant material.

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An alternative method of CBD extraction process, also known as ethanol extraction, is a more expensive way of CBD extraction.

In the case of ethanol extraction, the process includes the addition of hydrogen to the water, along with the sand that is typically added in the original crude extract.

CO2 Extracted CBD OilOnce the pure water and solvent are released from the crude extract, the process shifts to the making of the ethanol.

This is done by subjecting the ethanol to certain reactions, such as the addition of nitrogen, which forms nitrous oxide, and converting the resulting compound to gasoline.

One of the most popular CBD oils used in pharmaceuticals today is that of cannabidiol. It is primarily produced as a dietary supplement, or to help treat seizures.

It is also used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, and glaucoma. It has been found to be highly effective when used topically.

When CBD is applied topically, it acts in a manner similar to the way that the body’s own immune system works to attack and destroy a virus.

Topical application of CBD extracts has shown signs of slowing down the progress of certain types of cancer tumors and reducing the harmful side effects of some cancer drugs.


There are four basic methods of CBD extraction, which include solvent, supercritical, amination, and fractional-based.

Solvent extraction uses a combination of methanol, ethanoic acid, and butane. Supercritical extraction involves the use of sodium hydroxide (lyophilization), sodium cacodyl, and sodium fluoride (alkalization). Amination utilizes bromine, calcium carbonate, and potassium sorbate.

When CBD is supercritical or aminated, it enters a supercritical phase in which it experiences four critical chemical reactions in order to convert to its active form.

First, energy is gained at the start of the reaction via the proton movement. Second, the carbon dioxide from the butane is separated from the hydrogen in the CBD by an electric spark.

Third, the excess energy is released in the form of a high-temperature bubble. Finally, the CBD becomes quenched, making it unavailable for further use.

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